Meet the Staff: Sydney Zaruba

Sydney Zaruba Hello!  Sydney here! I’m the local blogger/social media guru/ office minion for FlorenceForFun!  Since I can’t really interview myself I’ll list some fun facts about me!  I studied abroad in Florence during the summer of 2015 with the University of Florida college of Journalism.  Easily enough I fell in love with Italy and […]

Meet the Staff: Riley Stewart

Riley Stewart Number of Countries Visited: 15 College: Kent State- Fashion Merchandising & Finance Hometown: Akron, Ohio Study Abroad Program: Kent State- Spring 2015 Number One Travel Destination: I really like the Amalfi Coast and going to Springfest- it’s a tie between those two. Number One Bucketlist Destination: Uhh…probably Africa, but it’s so hard to […]

Meet the Staff: Sondra Christenson

Sondra Christenson College: Lesley University Cambridge Massachusetts – Business Hometown: Danvers, Massachusetts Study Abroad: API Spring 2015 Number 1 Travel Destination: Munich, Germany Number One Bucketlist Destination: French Polynesia Why did you decide to Study Abroad in College? My dad was in the navy when he was a teenager, and I would always hear about his […]

Love Your Temporary Home

I will never forget the first time I walked through this city. Everything was interesting, everything was worth looking at, and everything was so “European.” For weeks I walked past the Duomo and with everyday that passed, it caught my attention less and less. Even the food started to taste different. If you saw my […]

FlorenceForFun Photo of the Week: Fiorentina

To submit your favorite travel photo for the FlorenceForFun photo of the week, send it to with a description of where you were and what you were doing. Each week we will choose a photo to post on the FlorenceForFun blog.

Best Aperitivo in Florence

Where are the best places for aperitivo in Florence?  FlorenceForFun has got you covered.  We’ve scoured the city to share with you the best spots in town. Aperitivo (or the French apéritif) is traditionally a pre-meal drink but has become the time to go socialize with friends over a drink and a large spread of […]

Fiorentina Soccer Season 2012-2013: Forza viola!

Fiorentina’s 2012-2013 soccer season got off to a great start this year, with Florence’s team (called Viola by the Florentines) beating Udinese 2-1 on Saturday evening. Italians and Europe in general are fanatical about their football teams, and going to a Fiorentina game is an unforgettable experience.  Check out TheOffSide for a full recap of […]

How to find the perfect Gelato

How to know if gelato is good or not is a finely crafted skill that takes months of taste-testing. Lucky for you, the staff at FlorenceForFun have become quite the experts on finding the best gelato in Florence. Because after eating bruschetta, pizza, spaghetti, or your ideal Italian meal– what are you craving? The perfect […]

How to Spend A Summer in Florence

As a 5-time seasoned veteran of the “Florentine summer”, there are a few trusty tips that I give to all of my friends spending a summer in Florence.  Most locals and expats have learned by now to get the hell out of dodge when it comes to the summer months in Florence–the combination of Hades-like […]

Tuesday Nights at Red Garter by Ashley Langlois

Tuesday has arrived again. If you were in the states tonight you might be a) posted up in front of the television watching Glee, b) cheering on the Yankees in game 4 of the series or, c) celebrating Alicia Silverstone’s 35th birthday. For those of you missing the American luxuries listed above (hopefully just two […]