Tuesday Nights at Red Garter by Ashley Langlois

Tuesday has arrived again. If you were in the states tonight you might be a) posted up in front of the television watching Glee, b) cheering on the Yankees in game 4 of the series or, c) celebrating Alicia Silverstone’s 35th birthday. For those of you missing the American luxuries listed above (hopefully just two of the three actually result in nostalgia) you can always come down to Red Garter for a little taste of home. From 6:00pm on—18:00 for those of you feeling especially Italian—you can get 2 euro tacos. Bonus: once you buy four, you get one for free! After you fill your craving for non-Italian food sign-up for the biggest beer pong tournament in Florence. Maybe Jon Lebowitz and Danny Vithlani will be in the finals again? Nick Montani and Dave Kessler—last weeks 1st prize winners—will definitely give them a run for their money.

So finish the paper you neglected to do (it’s alright, approximately 6 million other people chose to drink beer in the tents of Munich instead of working too), quickly read up on Amanda Knox’s release and grab some friends because tonight should not be missed!
Get some ideas from this video…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFZevw1AHZs

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