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Sydney Zaruba

img_0370-1Hello!  Sydney here!

I’m the local blogger/social media guru/ office minion for FlorenceForFun!  Since I can’t really interview myself I’ll list some fun facts about me!  I studied abroad in Florence during the summer of 2015 with the University of Florida college of Journalism.  Easily enough I fell in love with Italy and Florence.  When I left I vowed I would be back the following summer, and turns out, I made it back within less than a year!  (Shout out to you il porcellino.)
I’ve been living in Florence since then (they can’t seem to get rid of me), and I plan on staying a while.
I recently started up my own travel blog, The Boho Traveller, which is dedicated to giving travellers and students alike down to earth advice on travel and vacation.  Mixed amongst it are embarrassing stories of times in Florence, personal anecdotes, and ideas for you during your stay in Florence and Europe.

I started working with FlorenceForFun, because this is pretty much my ideal job at this age.  I get to travel, and then write about the places I travel to, and get paid for it, so all around it’s a pretty great gig.

My advice to study abroaders is this:  Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do.  If you want to go to Anacapri, and see the blue grotto in the same day, you can do it.  If you want to go to Amsterdam while all your friends go to Greece, don’t be afraid to go alone.  Get uncomfortable.  It’s what makes you who you are.



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