Bucket List: Things to do Before the Semester Ends by Annie Bettis

Ride a vespa through the hills of Tuscany: This is on the very top of my bucket list of things I must do this spring in Italy. After over one year of being in Florence I have never driven a Vespa myself and, although I’ve been in the Tuscany hills many times, I’ve never toured them […]

March 8th: Ladies Night Takes on a Whole New Meaning by Annie Bettis

Early in the 1900s the world saw a great change in industrial development causing booming growth in the population. The increase in population resulted in racial unrest and oppression against women. In response, women began to change their attitudes and fight back, becoming activists and vocally campaigning for change. In 1908 15,000 women marched through […]

New Moon Tour: Montepulciano, Pienza, Montelcino

While I’ve read the Twilight books more times than I’d care to admit, the movies have always left me feeling slightly irritated. After all, there are only so many times a person can watch an agonizing Kristen Stewart run her hands through her hair without wanting to smack her. Yet the idea of a New […]

Top Ten by FlorenceForFun Staff

This is my list of 10 things you should do before you leave Florence. What’s on your top ten list. What have I left out? Email FlorenceForFun with your top ten info@florenceforfun.org 1. Climb the Cupola (dome) of the Duomo on a clear day with your camera. 2. See Michelangelo’s David at the Accademia Gallery. […]

Top Ten by Kristin Redding

Kristen spent two months in Florence, June/July 2006. For one month she studied Italian language and the other she took an internship with us, FlorenceForFun! Check out what she discovered about Florence. “Florence is a great city and I was lucky to never really get homesick but these are some of the things that helped […]

Top Ten Florence & Around by Cassandra Santoro

Cassandra spent three months in spring 2006 living and working in Florence. Check out what she recommends to really experience of Florence. Cassandra’s Top Ten Florence: 1. Sit on the ledge of Piazza Michelangelo during sunset. 2. Take a day trip to Siena for a beautiful view (specially if you climb the tower in Piazza […]

My Top Ten Florence

Here is my Top Ten! I have stayed in Florence for an Easter, Summer, October and Christmas since 2007. My best experience was Easter 2009 and this is my Top Ten: 1. Ponte Vecchio at sunset. 2. Vivoli’s ‘Riso’ gelato. Rice ice cream sounds strange but you MUST try it! 3. Sit with friends in […]

Florence on a Budget: For students, By students

After a short and unforgettable period of time spent in Florence, we decided to write a basic guide for those coming to the city facing the same financial difficulties as us, or willing not to waste money. We would begin with the most important aspect of anyone’s stay in Italy–the food. Starting the day with […]

Italian Cooking Class by Jennifer Broderick

Studying abroad in Florence has been a life changing experience. Since June, I have managed to learn some Italian, visit the surrounding cities, and for once take life easy. To take my time here one step further, I decided to take an authentic cooking class of Italian Cuisine. A lifelong fan of pasta, pizza, and […]

Runway Rundown by Kristin Redding

No one really knows why, but Italians just have a knack for fashion, as most of the more widely known high fashion designers started in and are still based out of Italy.  Luckily for the rest of the world, they’ve got stores all over the globe to satisfy everyone’s fashion cravings.  Here’s a review of […]