How to find the perfect Gelato


How to know if gelato is good or not is a finely crafted skill that takes months of taste-testing. Lucky for you, the staff at FlorenceForFun have become quite the experts on finding the best gelato in Florence. Because after eating bruschetta, pizza, spaghetti, or your ideal Italian meal– what are you craving? The perfect gelato! Your Italian experience could not be complete without this sweet treat.
We’ll tell you where to go, and where to avoid. Rule of thumb—if the gelato is in a huge mound, don’t go there. It has preservatives to keep it from melting—no buono. Instead, look for places where the gelato is scooped out from the bins like this:

Where do I go to find great gelato in Florence?
These two gelato shops are some of our favorites. They’re highlighted by TripAdvisor and are sure to give you a true taste of authentic, Italian gelato.
Perché No?
Translated, it means Why Not? and it is one of the best gelato shops in Florence. It is located midway between the Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio at 19r Via dei Tavolini. It’s rated 4.5 out of 5 and #26 of 1,193 restaurants in Florence on TripAdvisor….that’s pretty great! Try the pistachio gelato—it sounds weird but it will blow your mind. It’s very affordable too, as low as 2.50€ for 2 flavors.
Vivoli is the oldest gelato shop in Florence, located closer to the Santa Croce area at 7r Via dell’Isola delle Stinche. It’s a tad more pricy than Perche No?, but it is worth the extra 1€ for the amazing quality and history. Try the pear and caramel gelato flavor, as it is a specialty of Vivoli’s.
So what makes gelato so incredibly different from (and arguably superior to) the regular type of ice cream? It’s more than just flavor choices—the process itself is completely different. Ice cream legally must have a minimum of 10% fat to pass FDA regulations. Lower grade ice creams will only have maybe 11% to 12% fat whereas higher grade ice creams will have around 16% fat. Great for taste—not so great for the calories.
This is why gelato will become your best friend! Gelato is made with a larger proportion of whole milk to cream, which basically means it contains far less fat—only around 5% to 7% fat. How fantastic is that?!
Try a new flavor of gelato every day, and you will soon be on your way towards being a true gelato expert.

Article by Emily Keller and Natalie Buskirk


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