Meet the Staff: Sondra Christenson

2016-09-02-04-37-45Sondra Christenson

College: Lesley University Cambridge Massachusetts – Business

Hometown: Danvers, Massachusetts

Study Abroad: API Spring 2015

Number 1 Travel Destination: Munich, Germany

Number One Bucketlist Destination: French Polynesia

Why did you decide to Study Abroad in College?
My dad was in the navy when he was a teenager, and I would always hear about his stories of being overseas. So when I got old enough I decided I wanted to travel like he did, but just in my own way.

Why did you decide to come work for FlorenceForFun?
When I Studied Abroad I went on many trips with several different companies, and sometimes I would think to myself about what I could do to make this experience better.  I went to Croatia with a company and had a really bad experience, so I just want to be able to make sure students have fun, and be as helpful as I can.

As I got closer to graduation I looked into working overseas more seriously, and decided to apply with FlorenceForFun.

I came home from study abroad a different person, and I want other students to have the same experience as I did, and have it alter your life the way it did mine.

Her advice to Study Abroaders?
At the end of the day its YOUR study abroad experience, so always put yourself first.  Be selfish, this is one of the only times you can be in your life.  Be sure you do everything you want to do, and put yourself first.


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