The Duomo Florence Cathedral

The Dome and Secret Terraces

Guided Tour of the Duomo Dome and Secret Terraces

Experience Florence from an exclusive and never before seen perspective! Tour the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, admire the panoramic view of Florence from the Duomoʼs sky-high Terraces, and then climb to the very top of the Dome!

Meet your expert  tour guide for an enchanting walk towards the Florence Duomo. You will be welcomed by the imposing red, white, and green marbled Duomo Complex: the Cathedral, Bell Tower, Baptistery, and Dome. Follow your guide past the notoriously long lines and enter directly into the Cathedral to learn more about this masterpiece’s beauty and allure.

Your guide will dive into the fascinating history and immense wonder of the Cathedral. Begin your journey through the Middle Ages and Renaissance as you learn about the unusual construction of the Cathedral, its façade, and Brunelleschi’s Dome: the unparalleled landmark of Florence. Over a span of 150 years, many of Italy’s greatest geniuses took part in the design and construction including Arnolfo di Cambio, Pisano, Giotto, and Brunelleschi, among others.

As you discover the hidden secrets of the Cathedral, your professional guide will lead you to one of the Duomo’s most spectacular sights: The Last Judgment frescoes by Vasari and Zuccari. A dizzying array of colorful designs and realistic depictions, this masterpiece has a unique story of greed and betrayal.

Next, you will begin your climb to the Northern terrace of the Cathedral rooftop: an intriguing walk through a narrow, open-air corridor that has been closed to the public for centuries. Your group will reach a secret room, where a guard will unlock the door to the terrace. The panoramic view from above Piazza del Duomo will take your breath away! Enjoy the private terrace as you walk above the entire city. Admire aerial views full of Renaissance architecture, terracotta rooftops, nearby churches, and the rolling Tuscan hills in the distance. Right before your eyes, you will find the city’s best and most up-close view of Brunelleschi’s Dome. Admire every detail of the architectural marvel, taking plenty of everlasting photos.

The guided tour will next bring you to the private “Circular Room” (also closed to the public!) where you will have the opportunity to see ancient statues which once stood in the façade of the Duomo. In this room, you can find the restorers at work with their spatulas and chisels, still wet with paint, and smelling of stucco.

Before heading back down, use your skip-the-line ticket to walk around the inner-edge of the Duomo, admiring the stunning Last Judgment frescoes up close. If you are ready to see Florence from the highest point of the city center, ascend another set of ancient stairs to the absolute top of the cupola! From the top of Brunelleschi’s Dome, you can enjoy stunning 360° views of Florence from the top of the city!

With this tour, you will also receive 72 hour full-access, skip-the-line passes to all parts of the Duomo Complex. This includes: Giotto’s Bell Tower, Giovanni’s Baptistery and Museo dell’Opera del Duomo.