Top Ten Florence & Around by Cassandra Santoro

Cassandra spent three months in spring 2006 living and working in Florence. Check out what she recommends to really experience of Florence.
Cassandra’s Top Ten Florence:
1. Sit on the ledge of Piazza Michelangelo during sunset.
2. Take a day trip to Siena for a beautiful view (specially if you climb the tower in Piazza del Campo) and to wnader through a “typical” Italian town.
3. Create your own panini at PallaDoro and enjoy it on the steps of San Lorenzo.
4. Book a wine tour in Chianti, an afternoon of great wine, prosciutto, olive oil and biscotti.
5. Organise a game of calcetto (5 a side soccer) down by the river.
6. Try as many flavours of gelato as you can! A great place to indulge is Piazza della Repubblica. Go later on in the evening and you will catch some of the talented musicians, comedians and other street performers.
7. Buy dried fruit from the central market to munch on in a quiet spot in the Boboli Gardens.
8. Have a beer at JJ Cathedral in Piazza Duomo.
9. Hike through Cinque Terre. Be sure to stop in Vernazza for some Cinque Terre grown white wine and pasta with fresh pesto!
10. Have a real tuscan four course meal with a Florentine steak as your ’secondo’.


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