Top Ten by Kristin Redding

Kristen spent two months in Florence, June/July 2006. For one month she studied Italian language and the other she took an internship with us, FlorenceForFun! Check out what she discovered about Florence.
“Florence is a great city and I was lucky to never really get homesick but these are some of the things that helped my friends and could help you prevent homesickness.”
Top 10 things to do if you get homesick:
1. Go to McDonalds. There’s one in the S.M.N. train station and one just outside it as well.
2. Rent an American movie from Blockbuster. There are 4 in Florence, and you can find their locations at
3. Go to Cascine Park. Sometimes all you need in some fresh air and grass to lie down in.
4. Go to any bar; guarantee they’re playing American music.
5. See a movie at the Odeon, the American movie theatre.
6. Get groceries from Sam’s Market on Via Ghibellina 117r. It carries a variety of products imported from the US like Mountain Dew and all kinds of cake mixes. Unfortunately Sam’s Market has closed ;-(
7. If your missing the college scene, go to Red Garter on a Tuesday for their weekly beer pong tournament. Winners get a free trip with FlorenceForFun or Bus2Alps! Via dei Benci 33-35r.
8. Take a stroll by the American embassy and have a look at the flag. (This really works, no lie.) It sits on the river, Duomo side, between Ponte Vespucci and Ponte della Vittoria.
9. Go to an Internet café and check your email and facebook or myspace account.
10. Missing Chinese takeout? Go to Nin Hao on Borgo Ognissanti. They’ve got really good food that you can eat there or take to go; and its cheap too!


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