Oktoberfest Advice: How to Tie the Knot

img_9113For all of you ladies about to enjoy Oktoberfest, here is one crucial piece of information you need to know!

First of all, buying a dirndl is essential to properly get into the Oktoberfest spirit.  There are plenty of places around Munich that sell Dirndls anywhere from €60-€180 in all sorts of colors, lengths, styles, and patterns.

Now you have your dirndl, you are ready! Slip into the cute dress and dawn your apron.  dirndlWhere you tie your apron knot is a very important part of Bavarian tradition, so make sure you follow the rules properly, or you could be getting some unwanted attention!

Tied at the left:  You are married, engaged, or otherwise unavailable
Tied on the right: You are single and ready to mingle!
Tied directly in the back: You are widowed, or possibly a waitress.
Tied directly in the front:  Declares you a virgin.

Be sure to tie the knot in the correct place, and enjoy the atmosphere around you at Oktoberfest!

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