Low Cost 'Airlining' by Anna McNiel

Has the Eurail Pass become obsolete? How cheap is cheap when it comes to buying a plane ticket inside Europe? Low-cost airlines have revolutionised the way we travel around Europe. If at all possible we will take a flight rather than catch a train or a bus and in many cases the choice is made […]

A Taste of Italy by Stephanie Shultis

Florenceforfun.org in collaboration with In Tavola cooking institute has created the perfect program for those wanting to brush up on their cooking skills Italian style! With chefs Fabrizio and Domenico of In Tavola, students and tourists are able to prepare and learn the techniques of a traditional Italian pasta dish. Of course I had to take a […]

Cinque Terre: Here We Go! by Stephanie Shultis

I came. I saw. I conquered Cinque Terre. I had no idea what I was in for when deciding to hike through the five towns. The experience: Amazing The view: Breath-taking A day at the beach: Of course!! All you need is just your sneakers, bathing suit, and lots of water and you are set […]

Top 10 Movies Set in Tuscany

Famed for its beautiful countryside and quintessential medieval towns, it comes as no surprise that Tuscany has been used as the backdrop for many movies, both Italian and international. The appeal is understandable; thousands of tourists come to Tuscan every year to witness the scenes so often captured in the movies for themselves. It is […]

Rome in a Day by Stephanie Shultis

So you think it cant be done!? Last weekend I went on an adventure with a friend of mine and we were determined to conquer Rome in less than 16 hours. We packed a lunch, grabbed our Rick Steve’s Italy book and our most comfortable shoes and left Florence at about 7:50. We were suppose […]