Rome in a Day by Stephanie Shultis

So you think it cant be done!?
Last weekend I went on an adventure with a friend of mine and we were determined to conquer Rome in less than 16 hours. We packed a lunch, grabbed our Rick Steve’s Italy book and our most comfortable shoes and left Florence at about 7:50. We were suppose to leave at 6:40 but I overslept! Ooopsie! We arrived at the Roma Termini at 9:45 and from there we took the metro to St. Peters Basilica and the Vatican Museum.
We pretty much had an idea what we were in for when we got out of the station. Outside the basilica we were greeted by a mass flood of people waiting in line to enter. It was probably the fastest longest line ever, we waited no more that 20 minutes topass through securityand be in awe. At about 11:30 we waited in line for the Vatican museum and got in at about 12:00.
NOTE*** Im not one for art, my only goal was to see the Sistine Chapel so for those who are art enthusiasts and plan to spend a few hours at the museum, I do not recommend my ‘Rome in a day’ approach.
At about 1:20 we crossed the Tiber and made our way to Campo Di Fiore and ate our fabulous packed lunch by the fountain. We rested for a few minutes in Piazza Navona and grabbed gelato before heading to the Pantheon. After the Pantheon we walked to Capital Hill and the Roman Forums. At this point, with our handy dandy Rick Steves Italy guide book, we became our own tour guides through the forums and Palatine Hills. After a relaxing stroll through the Palatine Hills we walked over to the Colosseum…e poi we visited the Spanish steps. By then we were completely famished and ate at this perfect little restaurant called Il Gabriello. To finish up the trip we went to the Trevi Fountain and then headed back to the Termini in time for our 9:45 train back to Florence.
The history and beauty of Rome made the day simply rewarding but by the end I was completely drained. Rome wasnt built in a day but for the most part it can be seen in one.


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