A Taste of Italy by Stephanie Shultis


Florenceforfun.org in collaboration with In Tavola cooking institute has created the perfect program for those wanting to brush up on their cooking skills Italian style!
With chefs Fabrizio and Domenico of In Tavola, students and tourists are able to prepare and learn the techniques of a traditional Italian pasta dish. Of course I had to take a stab at it and on the menu was Tortelli Di Patate, Raviolo Di Ricotta e Spinaci, and Tiramisu.
Equipped with aprons and the necessary ingredients before us, we divided into four smaller groups and began to prepare a feast.
I got to meet a lot of new travelers to the Florence area, including two ladies from Ireland, here to learn about the Italian culture and language. They agreed that making the pasta from scratch was very special and something they are definitely going to try when returning home.

Students from Washington University were able to take a refreshing break from their week and try something new. They added, The whole environment was perfect, its just a great opportunity to learn Italian cooking, sure you can do it at home but it feels more personal when taught by excellent Italian chefs. Once we were finished mixing up the sauces, rolling out the pasta dough, the air was filling up with the sweet smell of Italiangoodness. The best part of course is eating your creation! It was just so good!
Later in the night, I got to speak with chefs Fabrizio and Domenico and both believe that Italian cooking should be fun. They explained, We just hope everyone can learn a little from the lessons too, you can always do something different with each dish!
During each class you will prepare 2 first course meals and a dolce for the price of 25 euros per class. Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 and booking is necessary before hand. No experience is required: bring friends, bring family or make new friends while your there Just dont forget to bring an appetite!


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