Cinque Terre: Here We Go! by Stephanie Shultis

I came. I saw. I conquered Cinque Terre. I had no idea what I was in for when deciding to hike through the five towns.
The experience: Amazing
The view: Breath-taking
A day at the beach: Of course!!
All you need is just your sneakers, bathing suit, and lots of water and you are set to go. (Oh and your camera, do not forget that!)
We started our hike at Riomaggiore which I highly recommend. We dropped our things off at our hotel and set off on our little adventure around 11:00.
It was nothing but cake in the beginning but it quickly turned into my cardio workout for the entire week! Remember to bring good quality shoes; my feet were seriously disagreeing with me half way through. We stopped at every town along the way, each so cute and different in its own way. We went on such a gorgeous day, I couldnt have asked for anything better.
6 hours later including a lunch stop at Vernanzza and a slight detour (we went the wrong way) we arrived at Monterosso and were rewarded by the beach! We took a quick dip and decided to take the train back to Riomaggiore. There was no way we hiking back after that trip! (molto stanca!)
After a night in Riomaggiore, we woke up to another sunny day at the beach. Perfecto! Go to Cinque Terre!


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