Late Night Food Around Europe

There is a never ending search for the best late night food spots…. Here are a few to get you started. Doner Kebab Possibly the ultimate late night snack for anyone studying abroad in Europe, a Kebab shop can be found on most corners in most European cities. Whether you call it a kebab, schwarma or […]

5 Apps to Help you Keep in Touch

Viber Text, call, send photos or videos worldwide over 3G or Wifi for free. Make sure you connect to viber before you get to Italy, because you will need 3G to get the text that verifies your username. The app will then automatically detect which of your contacts has viber allowing you to call and […]

Innsbruck Christmas Markets

The gorgeous mountain city of Innsbruck features six Christmas Markets. Surrounded by the alps, Innsbruck is among the most beautiful settings for a Christmas Market in Europe. The markets can be found in Old Town, Markplatz, Maria-Theresien-Straße, Hungerburg, Wiltener Platzl and St. Nikolaus. Find yourself enchanted by gorgeous Swarovski crystal Christmas trees and lights that […]

Thanksgiving Abroad

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and with that comes a day of delicious food, spent with friends and family. Celebrating this very American holiday while abroad may seem daunting, but most major cities will have places that you can get a traditional meal from. A quick Google search will show you that many restaurants have multiple […]

Photo of the Week: The Wall is Never Over

Students pose in front of the historic Lennon Wall. The wall was painted over just two days after this photo was taken. A group of art students painted the wall white, with the words “Wall is Over!” in the middle. Click here for more info on the Lennon Wall being painted over.

A Real Life Fairytale Castle

The Neuschwanstein Castle sits on the Alps. One of the only things that people know about the Neuschwanstein Castle is that it inspired Walt Disney to create the Magic Kingdom. There is more to the gorgeous, fairytale castle than that. King Ludwig II of Bavaria who was a huge fan of composer, Richard Wagner, built […]

Czech Out That Food

Heading to Prague this winter? Obsessed with trying new foods? Why not immerse yourself in the Czech food culture? Czech out five foods (and a drink) that will get your stomach growling and mouth watering before you even finish reading. 5 Foods to Try in Prague Dumplings: The typical side dish is not something to […]

Prague: My Favorite City

Old Town Square Christmas Markets

Prague is my favorite city in Europe. I first visited the charming city three years ago, when I was studying abroad in Paris. I had just enough money to travel to one more place and while all of my friends chose Barcelona, I knew that I had to make it to Prague. I travelled there […]