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Czech Roast Pork with Dumplings and Sauerkraut

Heading to Prague this winter? Obsessed with trying new foods? Why not immerse yourself in the Czech food culture? Czech out five foods (and a drink) that will get your stomach growling and mouth watering before you even finish reading.

5 Foods to Try in Prague


The typical side dish is not something to be missed. The delicious dumplings are made from potato or wheat flower, boiled in water and then served hot. Is your mouth watering yet?



Pronounced, “goulash,” the traditional stew is made of meat and vegetables. It is a dish that originates from Hungary, but is still enjoyed by most Czech people.


Original Czech Beers
Original Czech Beers

Czech beer has been around for centuries. It has been perfected and needs no explanation.


Trdelnik - A delicious Czech Street Food
Trdelnik – A delicious Czech Street Food

This pastry can be found all over the city from different vendors and food stands. The delicious snack is served hot with the perfect dusting of cinnamon, sugar and nuts. These stands are especially popular during the Christmas season.

 Fried Cheese:

Fried Cheese Sandwich
Fried Cheese Sandwich

Pick up a fried cheese sandwich from Wenceslas Square vendors and have your mind blown. These look like a chicken patty, but are really thick slices of cheese that have been breaded and fried. Who doesn’t love cheese? Or fried foods?


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