Prague: My Favorite City

Old Town Square Christmas Markets

Prague is my favorite city in Europe. I first visited the charming city three years ago, when I was studying abroad in Paris. I had just enough money to travel to one more place and while all of my friends chose Barcelona, I knew that I had to make it to Prague.Prague
I travelled there with two of my friends and so began the best weekend I had during my time in Europe. After arriving from the airport, my friends and I dropped our bags at our hostel and made our way to U Fleků for a traditional Czech dinner and beer.
The U Fleků brewery is one of the most famous and most visited sights in Prague, and probably the most famous restaurant. The brewery dates back to 1499 and has been continuously brewing beer for 500 years. It offers a menu of old bohemian specialties like roast duck, cabbage, bread dumplings, potato dumplings, speck dumplings, Goulash, and Fleck’s treat (made up of roast duck, roast pork and sausage). Complete your meal with a glass of their own brew of beer, Flekovský ležák 13°.

After dinner, we made our way next door to Absinthe Time, the first Absinthe bar in Europe. The menu features 26 different kinds of absinthe, which can be prepared cold or hot. We tried three different kinds, two of them hot and one cold. A man from Spain played American music and we sang along until we were ready to go to the meeting point of our pub-crawl for the evening.

Absinthe Time, Prague

Prague has some of the best nightlife in Europe and it is dirt-cheap which makes for an excellent combination. The pub-crawl offers travellers the chance to see all of the hotspots in the city in one night. You meet at the Pub Crawl Bar where you receive free unlimited drinks for an hour and then you head to 2 -3 of the best bars in Prague before ending your night at Karlovy Lazne, a five-story club.
We woke up the next morning and began our walking tour of the city. We walked up the Vltava River and headed to the Old Town Square of Prague. A gorgeous walk made even better by the charming architecture of the city. The Old Town Square is home to the Astronomical clock and the Church of Our Lady before Týn. If you have the chance to visit from the end of November through December, it’s also home to some of the prettiest Christmas Markets in Europe.
Prague Old Town Square Christmas Markets
From there, we made our way to the old Jewish Quarter and explored an area that is full of history. Lastly, we went to the John Lennon Peace Wall, which is truly something you need to see in person to fully appreciate. The most interesting aspect of this wall is that the art is constantly changing and being added to by people from all over the world, providing a unique experience for each traveler.
Jewish Quarter Prague
The next day, we explored the Charles Bridge and went to the Prague Castle, which is the number one destination in Prague. It is certainly something you must see – it has been around for 1100 years, withstanding terrible fires and more.Prague Castle
Walking back to the hostel, we stopped to look at the Dancing House, which stands out because of its architectural style. The style differs so much from the gothic look of Prague, the city of A Thousand Spires.
Visit prague and see for yourself!


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