Late Night Food Around Europe

Doner Kebab

There is a never ending search for the best late night food spots…. Here are a few to get you started.

Doner Kebab

Possibly the ultimate late night snack for anyone studying abroad in Europe, a Kebab shop can be found on most corners in most European cities. Whether you call it a kebab, schwarma or gyro, these popular snacks are all the rage. Get yours with beef, chicken or falafel and definitely don’t forget to load up on the tzatziki sauce.

Find it everywhere.

Wok to Wok


Open until 3 AM, the popular Thai “fast food” restaurant offers a healthier late night meal. Order a street food inspired noodle dish that is made fresh, directly in front of you. It’s affordable and delicious.

Find it in:

The Netherlands – Amsterdam

France – Bordeaux

Germany – Berlin

Ireland – Dublin

Portugal – Lisbon

Spain – Barcelona, Madrid, etc.

UK – London, Cardiff

Chipsy Kings

Chipsy King

Open until 3:30 AM, the fresh-cut potato spot gives those who are out late and looking for a snack a chance to create their own snack. Load up your French-fries with your favorite toppings (like mayo, frite sauce, sweet chilli sauce, cheese, etc.) and understand why these fries are the best fries EVER.

Find it in:

The Netherlands – Amsterdam

Ireland – Cork

Wenceslas Square

Fried Cheese Sandwich

Open 24 hours a day, the food stands in Wenceslas Square, Prague, are filled with quite possibly the most delicious late night food. Order yourself a sausage or a fried cheese sandwich and you wont be disappointed… Why not get both and combine them?

Find it in:

Prague, Czech Republic

Secret Bakery

Secret Bakery

Open until around 4 or 5 AM, the secret bakeries scattered around Florence, Italy wont disappoint. Most of the time, you can get a croissant with nutella or crème for about 1 or 2 euros. If you get really lucky, occasionally there are mini pizzas and donuts.

Find it in:

Florence, Italy – follow your nose.


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