Prague vs. Budapest

How do you choose between two gorgeous cities with their own special cultures and histories? How do you decide which city you want to visit more? Prague, the City of the Thousand Spires or Budapest, the largest city of Hungary? While they are both beautiful European cities, each one has its own characteristics that make […]

Swiss Foods

Fondue – Cheese fondue is perhaps the most well known Swiss food. The cheese fondue is often infused with wine and garlic and you take thick, chunks of bread and dip it in the hot cheese. It is extremely delicious and not to be missed. Chocolate – You MUST check out some chocolate shops while […]

Venice Carnevale

Venice Carnevale is the period before the start of Lent, ending on what Americans know as Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday. Different versions of Carnevale take place all over the world. The festival in Italy is popular for its celebrations and elaborate masks. Celebrate Carnevale in Italy with masquerade balls, parades, fireworks, and entertainment. One […]

Parisian Foods

Crepes – Crepes can now be found all around the world, but the best ones are found in France. Make it sweet, with nutella and bananas or have a savory ham and cheese version. Either way, crepes are a no fuss snack that you can find on almost any Parisian street. Baguette – Whether you […]

European Bucket List

Pack your bags and get ready to cross off your european bucket list! 1. Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace in London 2. Leave a message on the John Lennon Wall in Prague 3. Infamous Pink Palace Toga Party in Corfu, Greece 4. Climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris 5. Drink a Guinness at […]

New Years Traditions Around Europe

Greece: On New Years Day, families break a pomegranate on their doorstep. The scattering of the seeds represents happiness, good health and prosperity. It is also a superstition that it is lucky for a child to be the first to step over the doorstep. Bulgaria: The New Year is even more important than Christmas. The […]