Photo By: Caitlin Brice Location: Munich, Germany

Danke Germany For An Unforgettable Weekend!

Having just returned home from a wonderful weekend spent in Munich, Germany, through FlorenceForFun, I have had some time to reflect on my trip. From roaming the streets of Munich to taking in the history of Dachau, this trip was definitely one for the books! Right off the bus I could feel the excitement and anticipation of […]

What to Expect the Opening Weekend at Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is an adventure celebrating one of the greatest things in the world, beer!  The opening weekend of Oktoberfest holds a large ceremony including the tapping of the first keg by the Mayor of Munich, parades, and lots of merriment. To do the day properly, you wake up at 6 am and start getting ready.  You […]

Oktoberfest Advice: How to Tie the Knot

For all of you ladies about to enjoy Oktoberfest, here is one crucial piece of information you need to know! First of all, buying a dirndl is essential to properly get into the Oktoberfest spirit.  There are plenty of places around Munich that sell Dirndls anywhere from €60-€180 in all sorts of colors, lengths, styles, and patterns. Now you […]

We Have The Prost Fun!

We had so much fun at Oktoberfest the past three weeks that it is only fair to make the Picture of the Week a shot of the festivities! The past few weekends were spent clinking our glasses to cheers of “Prost,” enjoying bavarian cuisine, and biking around beautiful Munich. Now that the festival had come […]

Munich Springfest

April 17th marks the beginning of Springfest in Munich this season and lasts until May 3. So grab your lederhosen or dirndl and travel to Germany for this awesome springtime event! Munich Spring Festival, also known as Fruhlingsfest, takes place at the same grounds as Oktoberfest, Theresienwiese. Pick from two tents, Spaten’s Hippodrome or the Augustiner tent, and sip on some […]

Munich Strong Beer Festival

FlorenceForFun in Munich

Raise your glasses to Strong Beer Fest! Hofbräu München Heard all of the crazy Oktoberfest stories from your friends from Fall Semester? Well don’t fret, in early spring there is the another opportunity to party with the Germans. So get ready, it’s almost time for Starkbierzeit, Strong Beer Fest!!! We want to share this article […]

Photo of the Week: Oktoberfest

Celebrating at Oktoberfest in the Hofbräu Festzelt tent! To submit your favorite travel photo for the FlorenceForFun photo of the week, send it to with a description of where you were and what you were doing. Each week we will choose a photo to post on the FlorenceForFun blog.

How to Survive Oktoberfest

The hilarious folks at Buzzfeed have come up with the perfect survival manual for Oktoberfest. It’s all accurate, people. Enjoy! Buzzfeed: How to Survive A Day at Oktoberfest