5 Helpful Tips for “Czeching” Out Prague

Prague is a must-see city during your time abroad! It’s a great city for college students, while at the same time full of crazy history! Everyone knows about the John Lennon wall, but what else is there?  For those interested in visiting Prague, here’s a few things that are (Praha)bly helpful to know before you […]

7 Reasons to Visit Prague

Prague is a cultural destination unlike any other. An ancient city embracing modern updates, walking through the city will leave you wondering if you have stepped out of a fairy tale or into the future. From food to landmarks, these are a few reasons to visit the historical city. The John Lennon Wall While its namesake […]

Prague vs. Budapest

How do you choose between two gorgeous cities with their own special cultures and histories? How do you decide which city you want to visit more? Prague, the City of the Thousand Spires or Budapest, the largest city of Hungary? While they are both beautiful European cities, each one has its own characteristics that make […]

Christmas Markets: Praha

Christmas Markets in Old Town Square. The Prague Christmas Markets are among the best in Europe! Old Town Square is transformed into a beautiful wintery wonderland that will have you singing Christmas carols for days on end. Travelers come from all over to experience the magical ambiance that surrounds Prague during this time of year. […]

Photo of the Week: The Wall is Never Over

Students pose in front of the historic Lennon Wall. The wall was painted over just two days after this photo was taken. A group of art students painted the wall white, with the words “Wall is Over!” in the middle. Click here for more info on the Lennon Wall being painted over.

Czech Out That Food

Heading to Prague this winter? Obsessed with trying new foods? Why not immerse yourself in the Czech food culture? Czech out five foods (and a drink) that will get your stomach growling and mouth watering before you even finish reading. 5 Foods to Try in Prague Dumplings: The typical side dish is not something to […]

The John Lennon Wall – Prague by Maggie Pentek

While spending a weekend in the beautiful city of Prague, a stop at the legendary John Lennon wall was a must. As the FlorenceForFun guides lead us the this historical landmark my anticipation continued to grow! When I first saw it, I was extremely impressed with the vibrant colors of graffiti displayed across this long […]

Prague: My Favorite City

Old Town Square Christmas Markets

Prague is my favorite city in Europe. I first visited the charming city three years ago, when I was studying abroad in Paris. I had just enough money to travel to one more place and while all of my friends chose Barcelona, I knew that I had to make it to Prague. I travelled there […]