Praha!! Cheap Beer and a Rich History

Its not hard to believe that the two times I have been in Prague there have been two commercials being filmed in Old Town Square, just standing in the square makes you feel like the protagonist of your own film. To put you in my shoes, imagine you are surrounded by a fortunate collage of architecture from Gothic to Cubic, walking on thick cobblestone roads, drinking warm wine, passing  beautiful Czech woman, all while you are gazing up at the Church of our Lady before Tyn, old town squares famous church, lit like a Dracula Castle.The feeling can be compared to having a glass of wine by a fire at Christmas and then multiply it, that magic and warmth is Prague.
Prague’s magical feeling was built by an amazing history including one of Europe’s largest remaining castles, the Charles bridge, Prague’s astronomical clock, and the recent John Lennon Memorial. A tour of the city is most definiltely worth your time, explaining all of Prague’s rich history, landmarks, and Jewish culture.
Prague in no way sells you short on their wide array of nightlife available. From small Irish pubs to a five story club and everything in between, you could say they have something for everyone.
Beer Factory, a bar that I particularly liked, fills you up on beer with out spending too much out of your pocket and is always a good time in groups. At each table you have your own tap, that tracks how much beer you have poured, while a screen keeps your scores in competition with the other tables. So whether your drinking to win or just for the company of friends, Beer Factory comes highly recommended. Located in Wenceslas Square.
The Club Roxy is what I would describe as a very Euro club, with a dubstep/techno music mix, though with a very relaxed atmostphere that lets you go at your own pass and have a good time. Located outside Wenceslas Square.
There is plenty to do and see in Prague, absolutely a favorite European city of mine. Check it out, hope you like it!


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