FRANCE!!!! by Jared Kahan

When I decided to work for FlorenceForFun, there was ONE place that I knew I had to get to: FRANCE!  When I studied abroad, I traveled all over Europe, but never to that nation of cheese and wine, class and beauty, romance and art.  I knew I would get there eventually (I actually have a trip to Paris planned for after Christmas), but when I was given the opportunity to go on the Fall Break trip (which was changed last minute because Greece decided to go on their own little break), I said “ABSOLUTELY” and packed my bags.
I have a few things on my bucket list:
1)   I want to name something; yes, eventually I will name my children, but I want to name something new, for all time, like a three legged chair
2)   I want to beat a horse in a race
3)   Skydive over the pyramids in Egypt
4)   Eat a chocolate croissant in France
I did it! Well, at least the last one.  I passed this little bakery as I was walking around in Cannes, and memories of my sisters and I fighting over the last croissant  during Sunday brunch came vividly back in my mind.  “Ah ha!”, this one is all mine.  O boy, did I savor this moment.  Each bite was like my mouth rediscovered food again.  I didn’t know what I was missing in life before this 1euro treat.  If I didn’t stop myself, I knew I would buy the store, quit my life in Italy, throw my ambitions away, and be a chocolate croissant eater for the rest of my life.  I ate three.  Don’t judge.
France was absolutely splendid.  The food, the wine, the beauty, it is no wonder that so many people have fallen in love with the country so easily.  Its so easy to imagine the great writers and poets sitting at an unassuming café, smoking hand-rolled cigarettes and drinking coffee, scribbling notes against the backdrop of this amazing place.  There is such a romantic feeling that encompasses everything you do there, it’s a site to see.


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