Danke Germany For An Unforgettable Weekend!


Having just returned home from a wonderful weekend spent in Munich, Germany, through FlorenceForFun, I have had some time to reflect on my trip. From roaming the streets of Munich to taking in the history of Dachau, this trip was definitely one for the books!

Right off the bus I could feel the excitement and anticipation of Oktoberfest in the air. Almost everyone I saw was dressed for the festival in the appropriate attire. On the trek to the biggest beer festival in the world, I saw my life flash before my eyes multiple times because bikers almost ran me over. After hearing several random German words shouted at me and bike bells, I realized I was probably doing something wrong. And I was. I didn’t know there was a bike lane only meant or bikers! It really does blend right in with the sidewalk. No wonder so many people had a mean tone towards me, I was hogging the entire path! Oops. Definitely a learning experience but PROST to making it to and from the festival in one piece

My biggest observation of Munich was how efficient it was. Everything was extremely well organized and planned out. Learning you had to push the button on the train for the doors to open to save energy made me think of how much energy my trains back home waste on opening every door at every stop. Even the room you checked your bag at Oktoberfest was well run. Usually something like this in America would be chaotic and avoided at all costs but the workers were so friendly and made sure your belongings were well taken care of! Safety and security at Oktoberfest were top priorities and it was made clear by the guards and police throughout the festival. Props to you Germany, you do things well!

Although Oktoberfest was an absolute blast, my favorite day of my weekend in Munich was Sunday. On Sunday I went to Dachau, the first concentration camp ever created. This was my favorite day because it was everything I love about travel: rewarding, eye opening and meaningful. Walking on the grounds were tragedy occurred years ago was an indescribable experience that will stay with me forever. With a heavy heart and teary eyes I made my way through the entire museum, reading everything I could on what happened at Dachau years ago. This day trip reminded me how important perspective is and to really stop and think when I feel I have it tough. Danke Dachau for an unforgettable, solemn day.

Each block was where a bunk once stood
The Old Crematory at Dachau

Prost to an amazing weekend in Germany, and all the people that made it happen!




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