Discovering Arezzo


Living in a homestay with an Italian family is probably one of my favorite things about studying abroad. Food and homeyness aside, it’s surprisingly given me the opportunity to travel to places I know I would never had gone on my own. Arezzo, a beautiful little city just an hour away from Florence, is one place I can confidently say I would have never visited had it not been for my host family – if only just because I had never even heard of it until then.

The best thing about this city? You can literally go see it and be back before dinnertime: it’s so close to Florence and it’s small enough to see in just a couple of hours! If you want to hit the highlights, here are three things you shouldn’t miss when you visit Arezzo.

  1. Cattedrale di San Donato (Cathedral of San Donato)


A beautiful church in Piazza Duomo! A little small compared to other churches you might find around Italy, but worth the trip inside nonetheless.

2. Antique Fair


I’m not totally sure how often this fair is brought into the city, but if you so happen to find it while you’re exploring you should definitely take a look around! You’ll find anything and everything, from antique furniture to old watches to really old dolls and toys. Walk, shop around,

3. Campeggio


There’s nothing quite like grabbing a good book and sitting in the park on a nice, sunny day. And with this view? About as picturesque as it gets!

There are so many other lesser-known cities around Italy just like Arezzo just waiting to be discovered. Unexpected adventures are usually the most memorable ones – Arezzo was a great example of that for me – so go grab a train or a bus or hey, even a bike, and go see what’s out there! I promise, you’ll have some great memories to take with you at the end of the day.


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