Exploring the Cinque Terre: From Pirates to Pesto

If you are searching for the ideal picturesque Italian scenery, look no further than a trip to Cinque Terre.  Cinque Terre translates to “five towns” and provides a postcard-worthy backdrop as you hike through the hills of the province of Liguria.  In total there are 14 different paths through the mountainous coastline that fluctuate in […]

The Ruins of Pompeii: FlorenceForFun steps back in time to 79AD

Cementing its position in history with one of the most fragile solids, Pompeii plays host to the town that was cremated alive.  Under the nine feet of volcanic ash, Pompeii lay undisturbed for just about 1,700 years and its remnants remained exactly as they were when Mt. Vesuvius clouded the sky with its monumental explosion […]

Best of Tuscany

So, this was my first time out in the countryside of Italy, it was very gorgeous! The first town we stopped in, Montepulciano was a cute little town, and we made our journey up to the top to taste some of the best wines in Italy! My parents came to visit me for the week, […]

EuroChocolate? Yes please!!!

I’m not going to lie.  I am not the biggest chocolate fan in the world, although I do enjoy a nice Cadbury egg every now and then.  But I jumped at the chance to go to Eurochocolate, Europe’s largest festival dedicated to chocolate.  Thousands of people embark for Perugia, Italy each year to participate in […]

Tuesday Nights at Red Garter by Ashley Langlois

Tuesday has arrived again. If you were in the states tonight you might be a) posted up in front of the television watching Glee, b) cheering on the Yankees in game 4 of the series or, c) celebrating Alicia Silverstone’s 35th birthday. For those of you missing the American luxuries listed above (hopefully just two […]

Relaxing At The Rapolano Terme Hot Springs

[slideshow] Sometimes it is nice to get out of Florence for a little bit, even if it’s just for a few hours.  That is why, Georgette, Anna and I took a little trip to the Rapolano Terme hot springs located near Siena.  It was awesome and definitely exceeded all of my expectations! The location was […]

Saturday in Chianti

A nice escape from the busy crowds of Florence, our trip to Chianti showed us the beauty of the Tuscan countryside. Due to the early morning, those who weren’t enjoying the scenery from the bus had a nice nap before arriving in a quaint town in Chianti. Grabbing our cappuccinos and croissants in a local […]

A Day as a Wino: Hiking in Chianti

Growing up in America, I wasn’t exactly prone towards appreciating good wine. Let’s be honest–on a college budget, I thought it was classy when I showed up at a house party that had Bud Light instead of the typical PBR or whatever else was on sale at the supermarket that week. It didn’t take me […]

The Amalfi Coast: Capri, Positano, Pompeii & Vesuvius

Yet another fabulous weekend in the Amalfi Coast!  We had a great group, great weather and all around good times.  Check out what we did… Capri: Boat Tours, Blue Grottos & Beaches We set off first thing on Friday morning to Capri.  I’m pretty sure everyone took advantage of the opportunity to take a little […]

Bucket List: Things to do Before the Semester Ends by Annie Bettis

Ride a vespa through the hills of Tuscany: This is on the very top of my bucket list of things I must do this spring in Italy. After over one year of being in Florence I have never driven a Vespa myself and, although I’ve been in the Tuscany hills many times, I’ve never toured them […]