Saturday in Chianti

A nice escape from the busy crowds of Florence, our trip to Chianti showed us the beauty of the Tuscan countryside. Due to the early morning, those who weren’t enjoying the scenery from the bus had a nice nap before arriving in a quaint town in Chianti. Grabbing our cappuccinos and croissants in a local café, we were serenaded by a mix of Celine Dion and Will Smith on the radio to get us pumped for the hike.
After getting our caffeine fix it was time to start the hike through the vineyards of the Tuscan hills. We worked our way to the top of a hill where a quaint church was situated with an incredible view, making a few stops for photo opportunities and water breaks.
My personal favorite part of the trip occurred shortly after this as we walked into the Sassolini villa and were welcomed into the dining room by the son of the family. We enjoyed an incredible meal of meats, bread, oil, and pastas, accompanied with three different red wines, a dessert wine, and grappa. As the meal ended we walked around the beautiful garden and purchased our favorite wines and oils, I personally invested in a bottle of my favorite Chianti wine and a bottle of grappa to bring to friends.
Over all, it was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday in Italy, experiencing all that the Tuscany region has to offer in scenery, food, and wine.


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