Relaxing At The Rapolano Terme Hot Springs

Sometimes it is nice to get out of Florence for a little bit, even if it’s just for a few hours.  That is why, Georgette, Anna and I took a little trip to the Rapolano Terme hot springs located near Siena.  It was awesome and definitely exceeded all of my expectations!
The location was stunning! The building was villa-style and the six thermal pools were surrounded by olive trees and greenery filled with sun lounges. There was also this cute little cafe that you could either grab quick snacks inside or you could enjoy more of a sit-down meal outside in the little courtyard.
Georgette and I were particularly impressed with the pool that you could enter from the inside of the building. Very cool!
We basically just did some pool hopping and tested out the different temperatures and enjoyed the waterfalls that massaged our neck and shoulders. It was so relaxing to hang out with some friends while in a thermal pool overlooking the hills of Tuscany.
I’m not going to lie – it was hard to leave because I was in such a state of contentment.  But, I guess I will just need to find an excuse to go back to the hot springs someday in the near future!


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