EuroChocolate? Yes please!!!


I’m not going to lie.  I am not the biggest chocolate fan in the world, although I do enjoy a nice Cadbury egg every now and then.  But I jumped at the chance to go to Eurochocolate, Europe’s largest festival dedicated to chocolate.  Thousands of people embark for Perugia, Italy each year to participate in the festivities, which include, obviously, chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate.
The Highlights: Hot chocolate, chocolate teddy bears, churros (topped with chocolate), wine tasting (not chocolate wine, although they did have chocolate beer), free chocolate everywhere, a chocolate stand for dogs (ironic? Yes), and the perfect opportunity to post on Facebook “The Simpsons” clip where Homer Simpson goes to chocolate world.
The Lowlights: None, it’s a festival dedicated to chocolate.  Nothing is wrong with this place.  Nothing.
Perugia also happens to be a really cool city.  There are narrow alleys, winding roads up and down hills, beautiful views overlooking the countryside; beyond EuroChocolate, it was just a very cool place to visit.  Walking around the town, we saw vintage stores and music shops, trendy restaurants and bars.  Definitely check out Perugia if you get the chance!!!


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