Top 10 Things You Must Do While In Italy

1. See a mass at St. Peter’s Basilica 2. Take a gondola ride through Venice 3. Witness the sunset over Florence from Piazzale Michaelangelo 4. Watch the Pope speak in Vatican City 5. Ride through the countryside on a Vespa 6. Be a gladiator at he Colosseum in Rome 7. See Romeo & Juliet performed […]

Gelato, Gelato, Gelato

Italy, the country of wine, cheese, salami, and GELATO. In Florence every corner turned is a chance to run into a new gelato spot (or Gucci model). But, if you have yet to find an Italian model of your very own that’s alright because we’ve got a MUCH better idea. Taylor and Alli have been […]

Recipe of the Week #10: Pesto Pizza

Originating in Genoa in the Liguria region of northern Italy, Pesto traditionally consists of crushed garlic, basil and pine nuts blended with olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and Fiore Saldo (cheese made from sheep’s milk).The name is the contracted past participle of the Genoese word pestâ, which means to pound, to crush, in reference to the […]

Recipe of the Week #5: Minestrone Soup

Minestrone soup is as Italian as pasta. History tells us the hearty soup dates back to the expansion of the Latin tribes of Rome into what became the Roman Republic and later Roman Empire. At this time, diets were typically vegetarian. Depending on the season, the ingredients of minestrone can contain a huge variety of […]

What the heck is Venice Carnival?

Maybe you’ve heard of Venice Carnival, or seen pictures of those funny looking people in masks and costumes. Whatever the reason, here’s the lowdown on what to know (and when to go) for Venice Carnival. So what is Carnevale, anyways? Venice Carnival, or Carnevale in Italian, is a festival held each year in the weeks […]

What NOT to Do in Italy

Amidst all the excitement of arriving in Florence for the new semester, getting settled into your new apartment, bonding with new roommates and exploring the city, you might have already figured out that there are some MAJOR cultural differences between Italians and the rest of the world. Check out this great article by Fodor’s on […]

Eurochocolate 2012: Attention All Chocolate Lovers!

To my surprise, two wonderful treats, chocolate and beer, combine incredibly well into a mixture of flavors and aromas that this year’s Eurochocolate festival is showcasing. Slightly bittersweet dark chocolate pairs perfectly with the toasted malt and hoppy aroma of Angelo Poretti’s newest frothy creation: 7 Hops Unfiltered Amber. In the past, Angelo Poretti’s beers […]

FlorenceForFun Photo of the Week: Venice

Taking a gondola ride down the canals is a highlight of Venice. To submit your favorite travel photo for the FlorenceForFun photo of the week, send it to with a description of where you were and what you were doing. Each week we will choose a photo to post on the FlorenceForFun blog.