Venice: The Enchanting City of Gondolas, Masks and Casanova

Contributing Writer: Alyssa Gregory Like a maze, the watery streets of Venice, Italy, twist and turn causing me to lose myself in this enchanting city. Streets of water and 409 bridges connect the 117 islands making up the city of Venice. Getting around hasn’t changed much since the birth of Venice in 421. Boats and […]

Cinque Terre Raises Some Questions

Contributing Writer: Alyssa Gregory Like drunken sailors making their way home, the colorful houses in the fishing villages of Cinque Terre lean on each other and cling to the cliffs. Overlooking the Italian Riviera, each of the village’s crooked cobblestone roads lead to the sparkling blue ocean. Throughout the entire town you can hear the Cinque Terre mixtape being […]

Milan Expo Itinerary

Contributing Writer: Alyssa Gregory More than 130 countries. 1.1 million square meters of exhibition area. 6 months. One common goal. All these things make up the Milan Expo 2015. The theme of the Milan 2015 Expo, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, encourages countries to showcase their best technology hoping to solve a prominent need: […]

Pisa: A One Hit Wonder

Contributing Writer: Alyssa Gregory The Leaning Tower of Pisa, one of Europe’s most famous mistakes, because let’s be honest, if it was a normal tower nobody would drive all the way to see it. Like most mistakes, it is not even noticeable from a long way off. The 4 degree lean, caused by a weak […]

Venice is Waiting for You

The Floating City, made up of 118 islands connected by 350 bridges, is best explored by boat. Step into a gondolas and transport back to a time when Casanova ran wild and the carnival, with its mask and costumes, lasted for half the year. Come get lost in this enchanting city with FlorenceForFun.


Tiramisu Literally meaning, “pick me up,” tiramisu is made with lady finger biscuits soaked in espresso, layered with a savory cream sauce and topped with cocoa. The two caffeinated ingredients, cocoa and espresso, are attributed with giving the dish its name. Italians have debated over the origin of this dessert for decades, but whatever the […]

Venice Carnevale

Venice Carnevale is the period before the start of Lent, ending on what Americans know as Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday. Different versions of Carnevale take place all over the world. The festival in Italy is popular for its celebrations and elaborate masks. Celebrate Carnevale in Italy with masquerade balls, parades, fireworks, and entertainment. One […]