Ravioli in Capri


Delicious Tiramisu
Delicious Tiramisu

Literally meaning, “pick me up,” tiramisu is made with lady finger biscuits soaked in espresso, layered with a savory cream sauce and topped with cocoa. The two caffeinated ingredients, cocoa and espresso, are attributed with giving the dish its name. Italians have debated over the origin of this dessert for decades, but whatever the origin it’s a MUST try.


Whether it’s penne alla vodka, fettuccini alfredo or spaghetti with tomato sauce, Italian pasta is amazing. Why is it better than any regular pasta? Most dishes are prepared with homemade noodles, making all the difference. Also, the fresh grated Parmesan served along side each pasta plate is to die for.


Italian Gelato
Italian Gelato. Photo: Taylor Fuller

Gelato essentially consists of all the same ingredients of ice cream: water, milk, cream, sugar, flavorings and air, but in very different proportions. The low butterfat content in gelato makes the flavors much richer and smoother than ice cream. When picking a gelato shop, avoid places that put their gelato in huge mounds – those are full of preservatives to keep the gelato from melting. Look for a gelateria that keeps the gelato in metal bins.

Pizza Margarita

Pizza. Photo by: Erin Witt
Pizza. Photo by: Erin Witt

Made with a thin but doughy crust, tomato sauce, basil and mozzarella; Margarita pizza is simply delicious. Each family owned business features their own special sauce so try out a few places to discover your favorite.


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