7 Reasons to Visit Prague

Prague is a cultural destination unlike any other. An ancient city embracing modern updates, walking through the city will leave you wondering if you have stepped out of a fairy tale or into the future. From food to landmarks, these are a few reasons to visit the historical city. The John Lennon Wall While its namesake […]

Czech Out That Food

Heading to Prague this winter? Obsessed with trying new foods? Why not immerse yourself in the Czech food culture? Czech out five foods (and a drink) that will get your stomach growling and mouth watering before you even finish reading. 5 Foods to Try in Prague Dumplings: The typical side dish is not something to […]

My Favorite Place in Prague by Annie Bettis

Prague is a city full of history, fun and fabulous beer. Don’t be fooled by the cheap price tag that comes with your Pilsner, there’s much more lurking in the alleyways of this Central European city than just a good time. Just after World War II Prague fell to communist hands and the first installation […]