Padua and Trieste: Perfect Weekend Combo

When I went to Padua and Trieste I found there were incredible things to do and see. Here are a few!

  1. Go inside the Scrovegni Chapel. Located in Padua, the Scrovegni Chapel is stunning! Inside is a fresco cycle painted by Giotto, which focuses on the life of the Virgin Mary.

    Scrovegni Chapel
    Inside of the Scrovegni Chapel. PC:
  2. Spend some time in the historical center. Padua has a lot of historical significance, primarily during the 19th and 20th centuries. In the city’s center is a famous cafe called the Pedrocchi Cafe, which is known for its exterior architecture, mint coffee, and used by literary figures such as Lord Byron.

    Mint coffee from the Pedrocchi Cafe
  3. Visit the Aquileia Cathedral. located in a small town northeast of Padua, like many cathedrals, it is beautiful, and features Romanesque-Gothic architecture. Its main, unique aspects are its floors, which are mosaics!
  4. Visit Trieste. Located two hours northeast of Padua, and close to Slovenia, Trieste is a beautiful seaside city. Trieste was home to many literary figures, such as James Joyce.
  5. Hike up the Rilke trail. Named for the author Rainier Maria Rilke, the Rilke trail is a walking trail that connects two small villages: Duino and Sistiana. It offers views of the sea, the cliffs of Duino, and the Duino castle, which was breathtaking!

    View of the Duino Castle from the Rilke Trail. PC:

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