The Best Gelato I've Ever Had: San Gimignano

This weekend, on a day trip to Pisa, Sienna, and San Gimignano, I was lucky enough to consume the best gelato I have ever tasted (and after working in a gelato shop and living in Italy, I have tasted a lot of gelato!). After snapping a few photos with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, we drove through […]

How To Drink Wine Like a Pro in Italy

Contributing Writer: Alyssa Gregory Italy is full of breathtaking paradises; but, I would have to say my favorites are the Chianti vineyards. I can’t quite decide if it’s the peaceful scenery that makes them magical or if it’s the wine that is so generously poured. Secluded away from cities, things slow down even more than […]

Milan Oohs and Awws

Contributing Writer: Alyssa Gregory The Milan Expo is an $800 million extravaganza hosting around 130 pavilions meant to showcase the country’s technology advances and the steps it has taken to help solve the problem of sustainability and feeding the world. I was left awed and underwhelmed various times throughout the day. In quite a few […]

Let's get spicy: Turkish Food

Travel to the Mediterranean to taste some delicious Turkish food. While taking in the gorgeous sites and coast, stop into a cafe or restaurant and enjoy some tasty and spicy dishes. Yaprak Sarma Sarma, means “wrapped in” in turkish. Indulge in this delicious appetizer of wrapped vine leaves filled with rice, onion, mint, currant, pepper […]

Traditional Easter Desserts In Europe

ITALY Colomba Pasquale (Easter Dove) Colomba Pasquale is traditional Easter bread in the shape of a dove. It is a simple treat made from dough mixed with candied peel then topped with sugar and almonds. The exact origin of the traditional bread varies, but each theory emphasizes that the dove shape symbolizes peace. THE NETHERLANDS […]

The Best Pub Food in England

Bangers and Mash This dish of sausage and mashed potatoes is a crowd favorite in pubs. The plate is often served with fried onions, onion gravy, baked beans and peas. Sounds like the perfect feast to me. Fish and Chips Usually made with Cod or haddock, this deep fried delicacy is probably the most famous pub […]

The Best of Moroccan Cuisine

Mint tea Mint tea, the Moroccan drink of choice, is a sign of hospitality and friendship. It is served any time of day and after every meal. Prepared with green tea bags and spearmint leaves, mint tea is quit a refreshing drink. It is also heavily sweetened with sugar chipped off a fresh sugar cone. […]

Greek Cuisine

Your three course Greek meal Tiropitas Tiropitas, pastries stuffed with a mixture of Greek cheeses, are a popular snack or appetizer. There are many cheese variations that can be made, but whatever is inside is simply delicious. Moussaka Moussaka is a savory casserole and perhaps one of the most famous Greek dishes. It is traditionally […]

German Cuisine

When traveling to Germany these are four foods you cannot miss out on Wiener Schnitzel Wiener schnitzel, the national dish of Austria, is something you can’t leave Germany without trying. It is a very thin slice of pork, breaded, deep-fried then topped with lemon or a mushroom sauce…. simply delicious. Often served with a side […]


Tiramisu Literally meaning, “pick me up,” tiramisu is made with lady finger biscuits soaked in espresso, layered with a savory cream sauce and topped with cocoa. The two caffeinated ingredients, cocoa and espresso, are attributed with giving the dish its name. Italians have debated over the origin of this dessert for decades, but whatever the […]