7 Love-ly Sights to See in Verona

Verona, Italy.

The city at the center of William Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, is full of romance and charm. Though Verona may not be the first place you think of to travel during your stay in Florence, you should definitely make a trip there!
Verona offers beautiful attractions for all, not just Shakespeare fans or star-crossed lovers.

Juliet’s wall -Look for a graffiti covered corridor and you’re in the right place. Couples names, hearts, dates, and expressions of love are sprawled all over the walls leading up to Juliet’s courtyard. Bring your sharpie or a piece of paper and tape to write your own letter to Juliet!

Juliet’s Balcony – Observe this beautiful and famed balcony from below, or stand on it with entrance to Casa di Giulietta for only 6 euro. Keep an eye out for the plaque next to the balcony that reads Shakespeare’s most well known line of work in both English and Italian.

Juliet Statue – If you’re feeling unlucky in love, touch the right breast of Juliet’s statue in Verona. Tradition says it will bring you good fortune and may even be the answer to your question, “Where for art thou, Romeo?”
Juliet. Verona, Italy.Casa di Giulietta – Make sure not to miss the beautiful Gothic style house from the 14th century. Inside Juliet’s house you will find many exhibits related to Romeo and Juliet, including staged rooms, the bed used in the 1968 film, costumes of the famed characters, and an area where you can type an electronic letter to Juliet.

Verona Arena – Built in the 1st century, this arena is still in use today for concerts and operas! Visit the inside for 8 euro, or marvel at its beauty from the outside.

Amphitheater. Verona, Italy.

Piazza delle Erbe – (Market’s Square) This piazza is strikingly beautiful and filled with remarkable statues and fountains. It is a great place to take some photos and grab a coffee or gelato!

Tombs of the Scaligeri – Witness the beautiful gothic architecture of the tombs commemorating the Scaliger family, who ruled Verona from the 13th to late 14th century.

Scaliger Tomb. Verona, Italy.

Book your trip to enchanting Verona here and check these landmarks out for yourself!


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