We will miss you Adam Salhaney


For a long time now we have been planning a new section on the blog that follows up on our ex staff members, where they are at and what they are doing post-FlorenceForFun.

Unfortunately what has motivated me to put ‘pen to paper’ is the death of one of our FFF family.

It is over ten years now that we have had ex study abroad students come back to work as sales staff and tour guides. It is impossible that every single one of them remain close friends but all of us that are still here follow their lives fondly through Facebook and other media. From new business ventures, amazing job promotions, new relationships, marriages and more, we are watching, like proud Florence parents.

It is with great sadness that today I am not writing about Adam Salhaney’s latest promotion or accomplishment, but because he has passed away.

Adam and I had a special kind of love-hate relationship. He was sharp as a tac and devious as a fox. Intelligent and charismatic, the type of person that you knew was going to lead you astray but in a good way because he believed that adventure was lurking around every corner.

Adam pushed me to my limits as his boss and mentor, throwing curve balls, switching in an instant from employee of the year to imminent risk of being fired. But that was Adam. The ultimate joker until someone he cared about or respected needed him or pulled him into line.

Adam always held a special place in my heart. It seems strange for a boss-employee relationship but the kid sweat talent and I desperately wanted him to realize his potential. And sometimes FFF really does feel like family and a bond that can’t be broken because we have experienced it all together.

I have no doubt that Adam is remembered by students in many different ways. To some he was a fundamental game changer, making every experience they had in Florence and on tour more than they ever thought was possible. To some he was the used car salesman of nightlife and travel companies and quite possibly some of you just found him offensive. But in every moment he was looking for fun, not just for himself but for those around him. His heart was always in the right place, it was just the execution that sometimes needed a little extra finesse.

This is a moment for us all to reflect, remember, with nostalgia, to embrace life, and to live. To every now and again leave behind a little bit of common sense and look for the adventure.

Adam, you will never die because your legacy and that of the infamous Boston boys will always be present and a part of us and part of Florence.

From all of us at FlorenceForFun, we send our sincerest condolences to Adam’s family and friends.

Anna McNiel


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