Dutch-tastic Foods

The 3 must try foods on your visit to The Netherlands

 Poffertjes Small fluffy pancakes topped with powdered sugar and butter. Traditionally sold at outdoor markets or street venders in the fall or winter. The special shallow pan they are made in gives them an irresistible and perfectly puffy texture. Poffertjes can also be served with other sweet toppings such as whipped cream and fruit.



Perhaps the heartiest dish in Dutch cuisine. Stamppot consists of mashed potatoes mixed with vegetables and usually served with rookworst (smoked sausage). The most popular version is mashed potatoes with kale. Hearty and Healthy!


Stroop Waffles
Delicious Stroop Waffles

A Dutch tradition since the 18th century. Stroopwafels are the ultimate cookie made with two thin layers of waffle batter and filled with a sticky, sweet syrup.

They pair nicely with a cup of coffee or tea. Best when warm!

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