Top 5 Winter Activities in Interlaken

Cathy Terrana Skydives in Interlaken

Interlaken, better known as the land between two lakes, is an adrenaline junkies dream come true. Switzerland is the world’s second-biggest adventure sports destination right behind New Zealand, and Interlaken is its busiest hub. If you love a good blood pumping, heart racing, knee-buckling activity then check out our top 5 favorite activities of Interlaken.
Sky Diving
Step out of your comfort zone and freefall at 120MPH over the breathtaking view of the Swiss Alps! You will dive out of the plane between snowy mountains and blue lakes- what more can you ask for? This is an experience of a lifetime and an adrenaline rush like you have never felt before.
Bungee Jumping
Lifted 134 meters above the ground in a mountain gondola, you jump face first towards a serene mountain lake. The views from the top are amazing! There is no rush like leaping off one of the most dynamic bungee spots in the world.
Canyon Swinging
Take a swing through the gorgeous Swiss gulch of Interlaken. What canyon swinging? Basically, you jump off a platform holding onto a rope and swing back and forth until you come to a stop. The thrill of jumping out into the canyon is a mind-blowing experience. This extreme activity is the cheapest between skydiving and bungee jumping. If you’re looking for a thrill on a budget, canyon swinging is the answer!
Paragliding is still a thrill activity, but it is much more relaxed than the other activities above. You quite literally fly through the sky. There is no freefall, you run down a hill and are lifted off the ground by the wind. The parachute glides through the sky over the mountain and lakes of Interlaken. The natural beauty will create an unforgettable picture in your mind. You will never feel more on top of the world.
Night Sledding
Night sledding through the Swiss Alps takes sledding to a whole new level! This hour long sled run winds through the woods, across meadows and passes by frozen waterfalls and lakes. This is the epitome of sledding through a winter wonderland.


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