6 Photos of Interlaken That Will Give You Wanderlust

Originally posted on The Boho Traveller Wanderlust- a strong longing for wandering.  You know the feeling, and if you have the travel bug, you know what I mean. Check out these photos from Interlaken, Switzerland that are sure to inspire you to get up and get lost…wherever that may be. Seriously…this photo is the definition […]

Winter Kayaking in Interlaken

Location:  Interlaken, Switzerland Photo By: Nicole Cranford Book your study abroad adventure to Interlaken with FlorenceForFun!!

Jump in at Interlaken, Switzerland!

With the cold weather creeping upon us, why not just jump into the winter season with a trip to Switzerland? Located about seven hours from Florence by bus, Interlaken is your quick weekend fix for chocolate, fondue, and a variety of outdoor adventures! The first thing you may notice is that Switzerland is a bit […]

Soaring above the Alps

Plummet from 450 feet with just a cord to keeping you from touching the waters below. Join Florence for Fun on their adrenaline rushing 3 day trip to Interlaken, Switzerland. The trips only happen once a month so sign up early! The next trip is July 16!

Swiss Foods

Fondue – Cheese fondue is perhaps the most well known Swiss food. The cheese fondue is often infused with wine and garlic and you take thick, chunks of bread and dip it in the hot cheese. It is extremely delicious and not to be missed. Chocolate – You MUST check out some chocolate shops while […]

Top 5 Winter Activities in Interlaken

Interlaken, better known as the land between two lakes, is an adrenaline junkies dream come true. Switzerland is the world’s second-biggest adventure sports destination right behind New Zealand, and Interlaken is its busiest hub. If you love a good blood pumping, heart racing, knee-buckling activity then check out our top 5 favorite activities of Interlaken. […]

Interlaken: 5 Things to do Under 15 Euro

As the #2 country in the world for extreme sports, Interlaken is an adrenaline junkie’s playground. Activities include skydiving from a helicopter, paragliding over Interlaken, and free falling 300 ft into a canyon attached to a swinging rope. Any one of these activities could make the weekend a highlight of your semester–but why stop there? […]