Traditional Easter Desserts In Europe

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Colomba Pasquale (Easter Dove)

Colomba Pasquale is traditional Easter bread in the shape of a dove. It is a simple treat made from dough mixed with candied peel then topped with sugar and almonds. The exact origin of the traditional bread varies, but each theory emphasizes that the dove shape symbolizes peace.



Paastaart, or Easter cake, is made with a light biscuit batter, advocaat (a thick creamy, sweet drink) then topped with whipped cream. The gathering of family and friends to enjoy delicious meals is the most important part of the Dutch Easter tradition and no dinner is complete without a slice of Paastaart.




The Poschweck is sweet bread, made with raisins, sugar cubes and a hint of vanilla or orange, that has been around in Germany since the late medieval times. The bakers of Aachen were forced by officials to give the special bread away to their customers during Easter. After several riots, the bakers finally succeeded with their claim to sell the bread instead of giving it away in 1946. Now, whether sold or given to customers as a gift, it continues to be a special Easter treat.



Mämmi or Memma

Mämmi is a complex dessert made with water, rye flour, molasses, salt and powdered orange zest. Preparation takes many hours and after the mämmi is baked it must set for at least 3 days before being served. Mämmi is eaten cold with milk or spread on a piece of bread. Interestingly enough it became associated with Lent due to the laxative properties that result in “purification” and “purging.” It does not have the most appetizing appearance, but definitely still worth a try.



Hot Cross Buns

Surely you’ve heard the nursery rhyme but if not, the spiced bun is made with raisins and marked with a cross on top. Hot cross buns are baked and sold throughout the entirety of Lent in England, Ireland and several other countries. Often served warm with butter, hot cross buns are a delicious way of celebrating Easter whether you are religious or not!

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