Let's get spicy: Turkish Food

Let's get spicy; Turkish food |Florenceforfun

Travel to the Mediterranean to taste some delicious Turkish food. While taking in the gorgeous sites and coast, stop into a cafe or restaurant and enjoy some tasty and spicy dishes.5bb6481de15cc1106b81d5a536f5bda8

Yaprak Sarma

Sarma, means “wrapped in” in turkish. Indulge in this delicious appetizer of wrapped vine leaves filled with rice, onion, mint, currant, pepper and cinnamon.


Eggplant is a staple in turkish cuisine. This dish is filled with fried eggplants, minced meat, onion, parsley, garlic and tomato. Try the vegetarian version,  İmam Bayıldı.

Köfte (pictured at top)

Meatballs mixed with crumbled bread, minced onions and spices – YUM. The most common version is Izgara Kofte, a meatball that is grilled and served with green peppers, parsley, dried red peppers and rice.


The most common pilav is, sade pillar, which is plain rice cooked in water with butter or vegetable oil and small pasta pieces that resemble noodles – şehriye. Pilav comes in varieties and is often cooked with eggplants, chickpeas, meat or liver slices; and delicious spices like pepper, thyme, cinnamon, and cumin.


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