What to Pack For Your Semester Abroad

Most organized and prepared students will have their luggage waiting at the front door 2 weeks before their departure to Italy. Everyone is always so excited that they keep themselves busy by packing anything and everything they can squeeze into a 50 pound duffle bag. What they dont think about is how much of it they probably will never wear or could of done without. Some helpful advice on what to pack would have done a stressed out Kelly some good.
So, with that…

 Things you should remember to pack

*for the ladies*

1. FLATS – Cobble stone streets and late nights at 21 are no place for heels… Definitely don’t forget those boots for the rain.
2. LEGGINGS – Buttons become difficult after months of all carb diets.
3. VITAMINS –  It is very important to make sure you stay healthy. Being in a different county means different germs.
4. SWEATERS – Florence weather is very mild so a light sweater may be all you need for the majority of your time here.
5. COSTUME JEWLERY –  Don’t bring the good stuff.
6. SLIPPERS –  Because apartments in Italy usually dont have screens on the windows, the floors will get very dirty very quickly.
7. HAIR TIES –  You can never have too many.
8. EXTRA CHARGERS, CONVERTERS, AND HEADPHONES –  With all the traveling you will be doing, one or two are bound to be left in hostels or on the bus.
9. PEANUT BUTTER –  Because its criminally expensive.
10. A JOURNAL – Document your travels.
11. SPIRIT –  You only have 4 months in this beautiful city, dont spend it on facebook trying to stay on top of what your friends are doing at home. See more, do more, travel more.

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