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Cell Phone Rentals
So now that you have decided to come to Florence for Study Abroad, you have the pleasure of deciding what to do for a cell phone while you are overseas! If you  are wondering – Do I have to buy a new phone? Are there phones for rent? Can I get my current smartphone unlocked? What are the rates and plans like in Italy? – relax… we have the answers!
In Florence you will find Student Cells and PicCell Wireless, the only two cell phone providers that are affiliated with the Study Abroad programs. In order to best decide which provider is best for you, below are the details for phones, rates and any hidden terms and conditions that we could find.

Student Cells

PicCell Wireless

Available Phones

  • A Nokia GSM cell phone internationally enabled to make and receive calls.
  • Plans for unlocked Blackberry, iphone and other Smartphone use
  • Ability to unlock handset (excluding iphone)
  • SIM card rental for those who already own an unlocked (tri-quad band) GSM phone
  • Phones available for purchase: Blu Sambra JR Q50, Samsung B2100, Samsung C3500, Blackberry 9900, Samsung I9250
  • Phones available for rent with Discounted Activation Fee of $59.90: Class B, Class C


  • Free incoming calls, while in the home service area
  • Domestic calls to any Italian landline or cell phone – 0.25 €/min
  • International calls to landlines and cell phones in Europe, USA and Canada – 0.28 €/min
  • International calls to landlines and cells to rest of world – 0.78 €/min
  • Free incoming calls, while in the home service area
  • PicCell to PicCell flat fee – € 0.195
  • Domestic calls to Italian landline or Vodafone user – 0.145 €/min
  • Domestic calls to other Italian cellular providers – 0.255 €/min
  • International calls to any phone in Europe, USA and Canada – 0.495 €/min
  • International calls to landlines and cells in Europe, USA and Canada with Call Abroad Discount – 0.175 €/min
  • International calls to landlines and cells to rest of world – 1.61 €/min

Text Messages

  • No charges for any incoming text messages while in Europe
  • Text messages to numbers in Italy – Flat fee per message – € 0.15
  • Text messages to numbers outside Italy – Flat fee per message – € 0.9
  • Text messages to numbers in Italy – Flat fee per message – € 0.125
  • Text messages to numbers outside Italy – Flat fee per message – € 0.385

Voice Mail

  • Free voice mail retriever in Italy
  • Calls to setup and retrieve – € 0.073


  • Fully detailed bills posted online every 2 weeks.
  • Bimonthly bills charged directly to your credit card by the US Student Cells’ office.
  • Billing occurs monthly for previous use
  • Automatically draws funds from the credit card provided. Home service rates are calculated in local currency then converted into USD at the time of billing.

Terms & Conditions*


  • The client must meet the following minimum requirement of usage: The total amount of the client’s usage on the primary SIM associated with the Rebate World Phone must exceed $60 US.  This excludes all usage associated with a US Virtual Number contract or any additional SIMs that may have been rented.

Help Services

  • 24/365 toll free number (848-STOLEN) available to block lost/stolen cells.
  • Immediate cell phone replacement
  • FREE normal use insurance included.
  • Two different optional renter’s insurance is offered.
  • Helpdesk Hours – Mon – Fri: 10am – 6pm
  • Five actual helpdesks to help you everywhere in Italy.
  • For broken items – customer care by phone, via your My PicCell account or email: broken@piccellwireless.com
  • Optional insurance for lost/stolen/broken items including phones, SIM cards, and accessories such as battery chargers.
  • Customer Care Center Hours – Mon – Fri: 6am – 6pm EST, Mon – Fri: 12pm – 12am Central European Time

Your other options include bringing your own phone or buying a cheap phone and getting a pay-as-you-go sim card or asking your service provider at home if they have an international plan.
For more info about Student Cells <http://www.studentcells.com/content/01.aspx>
For more info about PicCell Wireless <https://www.piccellwireless.com/latest/index.php>


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