To Do List: Amalfi Coast


When the sun is shining, you go to Amalfi. There is no better place to spend a weekend away from the heat and noise of Florence’s crowded streets than on the beaches of Capri and Positano. Here is our advice on how to make the most out of a weekend trip:
1. Have a limone granita. The Amalfi coast is famous for its production of citrus fruit, in particular their lemons.
2. Walk up to the Giardino di Augusto and take in Capri’s beautiful flora and fauna.
3. Take a boat tour around Capri. The only way to appreciate the whole island is by boat, and you’ll get to see the Green and White Grottos as well as the famous Blue Grotto.
4. Go inside the Blue Grotto. It’s small and crowded with tourists, but the view is something you’ll never see anywhere else. Tip your boat driver and he might even serenade you.

5. Get some sandals made in Positano. You pick the style, fabric and accessories; they fit them exactly to your size and make them in front of you in less than 10 minutes.
6. Get a made-to-order sandwich from Vini Panini. They’re huge, cheap and incredibly tasty.
7. Climb up to the top of Mt. Vesuvius and check out the incredible view. Be sure to wear sturdy shoes though-it’s definitely a trek to get up to the top.
8. Taste the limoncello, and be prepared to repack your suitcase to include the bottle you’re sure to buy.

9. Take a guided tour of Pompeii and pet one of the many dogs that the city has adopted.
10. Buy an oversized lemon, draw a face on it, slap some sunglasses on it and come home with a brand new friend. Hey, it worked for Tom Hanks!



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