Venice Canals and Carnival

Location: Venice Photo by: Shelby Spencer Book your study abroad adventure to Carnival in Venice with FlorenceForFun!


The capital of the Netherlands and located in the providence of Holland, Amsterdam is only a two-hour flight from Florence. With more than five million visitors annually, be sure not to miss out on this amazing city that has a variety to see, do, and eat! As a study abroad student, it is no secret […]

Last Minute Luggage

Preparing to head back to the States is a bittersweet moment. Buying souvenirs for loved ones along with something special for yourself to remember your time abroad can be fun-until you begin to pack.  Being ambitious at the beginning of the semester, I came to Florence with only a carry on and one checked bag. […]

Jump in at Interlaken, Switzerland!

With the cold weather creeping upon us, why not just jump into the winter season with a trip to Switzerland? Located about seven hours from Florence by bus, Interlaken is your quick weekend fix for chocolate, fondue, and a variety of outdoor adventures! The first thing you may notice is that Switzerland is a bit […]

6 Places to Visit in Verona

When I visited Verona I had a great time! The weather was lovely, and there were so many things to do! I recommend buying a 24-hour Verona card for 18 euros, or a 48-hour card which includes admission into any sight in Verona! 1. Visit the Arena of Verona.  Both the interior and exterior remind […]

“So Much Roma, So Little Time-a”

“You are living the Lizzie McGuire dream!” followed by singing This is What Dreams Are Made of was all I heard when I told people I’d be studying abroad in Italy. While Florence is a short train ride from Rome, Italy’s capital is a must see during your semester abroad. Being mistaken for a pop […]

A Weekend in Paris

Everyone dreams of spending a weekend in Paris at some point in their lives. However, there is an endless array of places to see and things to do in only a few short days. Here are the can’t miss spots in the City of Light! The Louvre The Louvre is the world’s largest museum and […]

5 Helpful Tips for “Czeching” Out Prague

Prague is a must-see city during your time abroad! It’s a great city for college students, while at the same time full of crazy history! Everyone knows about the John Lennon wall, but what else is there?  For those interested in visiting Prague, here’s a few things that are (Praha)bly helpful to know before you […]

The Secret to Seeing Paris in 2 Days

Le Tour Eiffel

As a study abroad student, you really don’t have too much time for traveling besides your 2-3 day weekends.  As a friend once told me, “Four months isn’t nearly long enough to see Europe.” And clearly, neither is a few 2-3 day weekends here and there.  I’m here to tell you that with lots of […]

6 Places Off of The Beaten Path in Paris

The main attractions of Paris are flooded with tourists. If you need to get away from the crowds of the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre there are plenty of options to choose from. Luckily the city has some hidden spots that will get you away from the crowds and show you a different side of Paris. 1. […]