6 Places to Visit in Verona


When I visited Verona I had a great time! The weather was lovely, and there were so many things to do! I recommend buying a 24-hour Verona card for 18 euros, or a 48-hour card which includes admission into any sight in Verona!

1. Visit the Arena of Verona. 

Both the interior and exterior remind me of the Colosseum in Rome. Because it was built as an amphitheater and still exists today, you can attend concerts and music shows!

Exterior of the Arena
Interior of the Arena


2. Stroll through the Piazza delle Erbe. 

piazza_delle_erbe_verona_1Translated as “Market’s square”, the Piazza delle Erbe is a square in Verona with many shops and restaurants. Here you can buy a cashmere scarf for 20 euros, or a hat for the same price. I ate at a restaurant called Teta di Giulieta, and had one of the best pizzas!

3. Visit the Castelvecchio.

The Castelvecchio is a castle that was constructed during the Middle Ages. It’s also a fine example of Gothic architecture built around that time period. It’s connected to a bridge, called the Castelvecchio Bridge, which shows lovely views of Verona. It’s also home to the Castelvecchio Museum, which contains ancient sculptures, paintings, weapons, etc.

The Castelvecchio. PC: mightymac.org

4. Visit the Teatro Romano. 

Built in the 1st century, the Teatro Romano, or Roman Theater, is an outdoor theater built against a hillside. You can climb the hill, and get a glimpse of ancient Roman ruins, as well as breathtaking views of Verona (perfect for pictures)!

From the hill!


Teatro Romano. PC: ticketone.it

5. Climb the Torre dei Lamberti. 

Located in the Piazza delle Erbe, the Torre dei Lamberti is an 84 m high tower. Although it is tiring climbing up many flights of stairs, it’s 100% worth doing. The tower provides views of Verona that can’t be seen anywhere else besides a plane!

Torre dei Lamberti. PC: verona.net

6. Visit Juliet’s balcony. 

Much like you can’t go to Paris and avoid seeing the Eiffel Tower, you can’t go to Verona and avoid seeing Juliet’s house! Inside, it offers views of her room, as well as different verses from Shakespeare. It contains different artifacts, such as the dress seen in the 1968 film. There is a statue of her outside. Many tourists rub her breast for good luck!

Me standing on Juliet’s balcony

So there you have it, here are six things everyone should do in Verona. If I’ve missed something important, feel free to leave a  comment below!



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