Jump in at Interlaken, Switzerland!


With the cold weather creeping upon us, why not just jump into the winter season with a trip to Switzerland? Located about seven hours from Florence by bus, Interlaken is your quick weekend fix for chocolate, fondue, and a variety of outdoor adventures!IMG_9710.JPG

The first thing you may notice is that Switzerland is a bit pricey because it is one of the most developed countries on our planet. While the current conversion of Swiss Franc to America dollar is the same, items such as your souvenirs, meals, and activities are much more expensive than you may be used to Florence. Be forewarned.

Calling all chocolate lovers!

IMG_9760.jpgAlthough cacao beans and other raw materials are still imported to Switzerland, Swiss chocolate’s reputation is known all over the world. Located in Interlaken, sign up at Funky Chocolate Club Switzerland to become a Level 1 Swiss Chocolatier! This hour long class will give you all the knowledge you will ever need regarding Swiss Chocolate. You will even be able to create and design three of your own chocolate bars.


Visiting Interlaken for such a short amount of time leaves no question if you will want to see it all. So why not see it 2,000 feet above ground? Paragliding is a great way to see all of Interlaken and to spike your adrenaline as well! After a short bus ride to the top of the Swiss Alps, your instructor will guide you in running off the side of the mountain, and before you can realize what you have just done you will be 2,000 feet in the air! This fifteen minutes or so ride will leave you breathless, and is a can’t miss when in Interlaken. Added bonus? Most companies use a Go Pro the entire ride to capture unbelievable pictures that will be sure to make your friends back home jealous. 😏IMG_9750.JPG

The activities in Interlaken are endless, some to check out include; Skydiving, Snow Shoeing, Zip Lining, Hang Gliding, Jungfraujoch (Top of Europe), Skiing, Snowboarding, Sledding, Cannoning, Food & Culture Tours, Pub Crawls, Bungee Jumping, and much more! In Interlaken be sure to take a walk down to Lake Brienz which has the bluest water and makes for beautiful pictures. Also be sure to indulge in fondue during your stay! Whether it be cheese or chocolate, the Swiss do it better!IMG_9738.JPG


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