The capital of the Netherlands and located in the providence of Holland, Amsterdam is only a two-hour flight from Florence. With more than five million visitors annually, be sure not to miss out on this amazing city that has a variety to see, do, and eat!


As a study abroad student, it is no secret that you want to get the best deal around and the A’Dam Lookout: Rock the City offers the best bang for your buck! ( Twenty-five euros will give you access to the A’Dam Lookout, a canal cruise of the city, and transportation to the Heineken Experience. For only an extra five euros you can see the entire city from a relatively new swing on top of the A’Dam Lookout. The short ride swings you back and forth across the Lookout and a view unlike any other in all of Amsterdam! Afterwards, hop on the canal cruise and see and learn about the city by water! Leaving you off at the Heineken Experience, this promotion could not be any simpler. Inside the brewery enjoy two free Heinekens, the history of this famous beer, and even try pouring your own!

IMG_0246.JPGThe most well-known Amsterdammer and attraction in the city is none other than the Anne Frank House. Be sure to purchase your tickets in advance to the Anne Frank House for a moving experience. Anyone can agree that walking through the very place where her family hid from the Nazi’s does not feel real at some moments. Kept inside the museum is her very own diary, filled with wisdom well beyond her years.

Be sure to dedicate some time to the Van Gough museum during your stay as well. The second most visited museum in the Netherlands, with close to two million visitors last year, Van Gough’s life, art, and legacy is captured throughout this museum. For more modern art, check out the Moco Museum with Banksy and Warhol exhibits on display currently. Amsterdam has sixty museums, making it the highest museum density on the planet, offering something for everyone and anyone!

img_0245The best photo opportunity to check out is none other than the I Amsterdam Sign, located close to the Van Gough museum. Sit, climb, or pose on these giant letters with your friends for the perfect Instagram! Also take a stroll through the De Wallen the largest red light district one night, but be sure to be careful.

With over three hundred rooms housing prostitutes, you may feel as if you are a lot further from home than usual, but it is worth seeing for yourself. All of Amsterdam is worth seeing for yourself, so be sure to see what this amazing city has to offer!


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