Venice Canals and Carnival

Location: Venice Photo by: Shelby Spencer Book your study abroad adventure to Carnival in Venice with FlorenceForFun!

Venice: The Enchanting City of Gondolas, Masks and Casanova

Contributing Writer: Alyssa Gregory Like a maze, the watery streets of Venice, Italy, twist and turn causing me to lose myself in this enchanting city. Streets of water and 409 bridges connect the 117 islands making up the city of Venice. Getting around hasn’t changed much since the birth of Venice in 421. Boats and […]

Venice is Waiting for You

The Floating City, made up of 118 islands connected by 350 bridges, is best explored by boat. Step into a gondolas and transport back to a time when Casanova ran wild and the carnival, with its mask and costumes, lasted for half the year. Come get lost in this enchanting city with FlorenceForFun.

Venice Carnevale

Venice Carnevale is the period before the start of Lent, ending on what Americans know as Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday. Different versions of Carnevale take place all over the world. The festival in Italy is popular for its celebrations and elaborate masks. Celebrate Carnevale in Italy with masquerade balls, parades, fireworks, and entertainment. One […]

What the heck is Venice Carnival?

Maybe you’ve heard of Venice Carnival, or seen pictures of those funny looking people in masks and costumes. Whatever the reason, here’s the lowdown on what to know (and when to go) for Venice Carnival. So what is Carnevale, anyways? Venice Carnival, or Carnevale in Italian, is a festival held each year in the weeks […]

FlorenceForFun Photo of the Week: Venice

Taking a gondola ride down the canals is a highlight of Venice. To submit your favorite travel photo for the FlorenceForFun photo of the week, send it to with a description of where you were and what you were doing. Each week we will choose a photo to post on the FlorenceForFun blog.

Venice Redentore Festival: Fireworks like the 4th of July

The good ol’ US of A has fourth of July and our beloved Italy has the Venice Festa del Redentore. Maybe both occasions celebrate something different but they both do share a common ground–fireworks! Two days of commemoration and fireworks that light up the sky in St. Mark’s Bay bringing all of Venice to look […]

FlorenceForFun Weekend Weather Report

The weekend is almost here and FlorenceForFun has you covered for your weather report, whether you’re going to Amalfi, Interlaken, Chianti, Venice, Winery Open Day in Montepulciano, or Cinque Terre.  Looks like there’s gonna be some sunshine after all! AMALFI COAST INTERLAKEN & LAKE COMO CHIANTI IN TUSCANY VENICE WINERY OPEN DAY: MONTALCINO CINQUE TERRE


I had been to Venice before.  I’ve sat outside a small café and drank espresso, gazing at the wonderment of this beautiful city on the water.  This trip was different though.  The weather, rather than the sun-struck canals I remembered from before, was soaked in a hazy fog, blinding the sights.  Deep breaths produced what […]


Huge, colorful floats drive past large, cheering crowds as parades fill the streets and the sound of laughter and music fill the air. Bursts of confetti seem to rain from the sky. People in masks and costumes pour out of parties and masquerade balls throughout the city, spreading the celebration wherever they go. During Carnival, […]